This outlandish whodunit will keep readers guessing and laughing...all the way to the surprise ending!
It’s Saturday, the best morning of the week when a scream interrupts the perfect day for learning about butterflies. Mili the guppy is… missing! But have no fear, P.I. Butterfly is on the case. She’ll stop at nothing to solve the mystery. P.I. Butterfly preserves the scene, records every clue, and interviews suspicious suspects, but she ends up on a trail to nowhere fast. As she drowns her sorrows in a glass of milk, a fishy finding leads to a new suspect and… a cat-felt confession.

Did Mili survive her fish-bowl fiasco, or is she gone for good? P.I.B. won’t stop until she flutters to the truth, no matter where it leads.

From the award-winning team of Karen Kilpatrick and Germán Blanco, this is the first in a humorous and action-packed early graphic novel series for young readers who love fun, adventure, and mystery!
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