Based on the popular hit children’s song from the Grammy Award winning band, Ozomatli!

Picture this: it's a beautiful day in the woods. The birds are chirping―the weather’s good. You and your friends are camping, fishing, hiking, swimming. But then day turns to night and something isn’t right. There’s a rustling and a huffing, and a shuffling and a puffing. OH NO, is it a caboose? NO…RUN…there’s a moose on the loose!

This hilarious adventure will have kids laughing out loud along with one of Ozomatli’s most popular songs for kids. Moose on the Loose is based on the Ozomatli presents Ozokids hit single of the same name. The song "Moose on the Loose" is one of Ozomatli's most streamed songs and a favorite at live OzoKidz performances!
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