For fans of The Book With No Pictures and The Monster at the End of this Book, this funny and interactive picture book showcases a word-eating monster and the (adorable) surprise behind this frightful creature.

Beware: There is a sleeping monster within these pages. But this is no ordinary monster. This monster eats words. And when the monster is awake, it gets HUNGRY. So you have to be very careful and very quiet while reading. If you hear a growl―run fast.

Oh no, what’s that? The monster’s woken up! How are we supposed to finish this book when all the words are being eaten? And who―or what―is this fearsome creature exactly? The answer to that question, I’m afraid, is totally . . . adorable.

"Visual humor and brightly colored monsters set against uncluttered backgrounds make this a good read-aloud. A whimsical metanarrative turns a pleasantly scary monster into readers’ new best friend."
–Kirkus Reviews

"Cotton-candy-colored monsters for a storytime about unexpectedly adorable monstrosities."
–The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books
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